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Yanagisawa no Yake Hachiman

Yanagisawa no Yake Hachiman Miyagi (Jan.)

Yanagisawa no Yake Hachiman is an event celebrating the Lunar New Year's day, held to pray for safety from fire, bumper crops, and safety for households. At Hachiman Shrine, participants use straw and bamboo to build huts and 12 hanging lanterns, and predict how the crops will be in the year based on the way they burn. Before dawn, young people visit residences, and serve sake from pails. If there has recently been a marriage, soot from a traditional cooking range is applied to the face of the bride to pray for divine protection. When dawn arrives, the huts are burned to pray for good health during the coming year.


Yanagisawa, Kami-machi, Miyagi

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By Train

From Furukawa Station, Tohoku Shinkansen, take Miyakoh Bus for approx. 25 min. Get off at Yanagisawa bus stop, and walk for approx. 5 min.

By Car

From Furukawa interchange on the Tohoku Expressway take National Route 347 for approx. 35 min.

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