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Uchiuesai Miyazaki (Mar.)

Uchiuesai is a festival that has been held since about 400 years ago in order to pray for bumper harvests. The female deity of Katori Shrine (Imanishi District) pays an annual visit to the male deity of Amamiya Shrine (Tashiro District), and then they return to Katori Shrine together, where events take place such as predicting the condition of crops by having residents pull on pieces of bamboo, and performing kyogen plays regarding rice planting. The kyogen incorporate the local dialect and props such as wooden cows and rakes, and are humorous.


Katori Jinja in the Imanishi district, Amamiya Jinja in the Tashiro district, Ebino City, Miyazaki

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By Train

Approx. 6 min. by taxi from JR Ebino station.

By Car

Approx. 10 min from Ebino interchange on the Miyazaki Expressway.

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