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Taro Taro Matsuri

Taro Taro Matsuri Kagoshima (Mar.)

Taro Taro Matsuri is an event unique to Hashima, a town surrounded by the sea and mountains, that is held to pray for bountiful catches, safety for ships, and bumper crops. This festival consists of an event in which boys who are 5 "counted years" old walk in a parade at a shrine while carrying model boats, and an improvisational theatrical performance regarding rice cultivation featuring the three characters of a cow, Taro, and Techo (his father). When the festival has ended, banquets are held for the participating children at their homes.


Hashimazaki Jinja, Hashima, Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima

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By Train

Approx. 20 min. by taxi from Kushikino station, JR Kagoshima Main Line.

By Car

Approx. 25 min. along Prefectural Route 43 heading north from the Kushikino interchange of the Minami-Kyushu Expressway.

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