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Tatemon Matsuri

Tatemon Matsuri Toyama (Aug.)

Tatemon Matsuri is a traditional ritual of the port city of Uozu. People pray for bumper fish hauls and safety at sea. “Tatemon” is a votive object in the shape of a boat. It has a sled-shaped base, with a 16m-high pillar, on which around 90 lanterns are hoisted in a triangular formation. Tatemon have no wheels, and weigh approximately 5 tons. The sight of youths pulling the tatemon with energy, and turning them dynamically in the shrine grounds, is a magnificent and graceful spectacle, and the highlight of the matsuri. It is a nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.


Suwa Jinja, Suwa-cho, Uozu City, Toyama

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By Train

Approx. 12 min. walk from Dentetsu-Uozu Station on the Toyama Chihou Railway.

By Car

Approx. 10 min. down National Route 52 from the Uozu interchange off the Hokuriku Expressway.

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