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Sangwacha Okinawa (Apr.)

Sangwacha is held on the third day of the third month according to the old calendar. It is the largest matsuri on Henzajima Island, Uruma City. In Okinawa, this day is known as Hamauri, when white sand is trodden on to purify oneself. After the ritual of offering fish to Noro (the female deity), a large paper mâché Taman (fish) is carried, and Michijune, a parade to honor ancestors, is held in the sea when the tide recedes. People pray for the development of the island and bumper fish hauls.


Henzajima, Uruma City, Okinawa

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By Car

Approx. 30 min. from the Okinawa-Kita interchange off the Okinawa Expressway.
From the Okinawa-Kita interchange, go straight down Prefectural Route 36, get off the bridge, and left at the intersection where there is a Don Quijote store. Turn left at the T-junction at Kin Bay. Henzajima is the first island you get to on the Kaichu-doro Drive.

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