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Matsuejozan Inarijinja Shikinen Shinkosai Horan Enya

Matsuejozan Inarijinja Shikinen Shinkosai Horan Enya Shimane (May)

Horan Enya is held once every ten years. It is one of Japan’s three great boat festivals. In the event, approximately 100 boats take to the water. In the Togyosai and Kangyosai, during which the deity is transferred by boat to another shrine and then returned, people from five regions known as Godaichi ride Kaidenma boats. They perform the Kaidenma-odori dance wearing elaborate costumes. The spirited singing, the orderly rowing, and the stately posture of the kendai performing the men’s dance at the front of the boats dressed in kabuki costumes make the event a thrilling spectacle.


Matsue Jozan Inari Jinja / Adakaya Jinja, Matsue City, Shimane

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By Train

Get off at Matsue station on the JR San-in Main line. Approx. 5 min. walk to the north.

By Car

Approx. 15 min. along the National Route 9 from the Matsue-nishi interchange of the San-in Expressway.

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Matsuejozan Inarijinja Shikinen Shinkosai Horan Enya
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