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Kebesu Matsuri

Kebesu Matsuri Oita (Oct.)

Kebesu Matsuri is a fire matsuri held before the main event at Kushiku Shrine. A pile of fern branches and leaves burns, with flames reaching a few meters. The Kebesu, who wear white clothing and wooden carved masks, and the Toba, who protect the fire, battle each other vigorously. There is uproar in the grounds of the shrine when, in the final stages, the burning branches and leaves are scattered on the onlookers. It is called a bizarre matsuri because its beginnings and the origin of the name are unknown.


Kushikusha, Kunimi-machi Kushiku, Kunisaki City, Oita

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By Train

From JR Usa Station take bus in the Imi direction for approx. 60 min, then get off at Imi last bus stop. Approx. 5 min. by taxi.

By Car

From Hayami interchange of the Oita Expressway take Hiji Bypass, and go approx. 60 min. along the National Route 213 from Hiji interchange off the Hiji Bypass.

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