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Horetsu Jinja no Dakyu

Horetsu Jinja no Dakyu Yamagata (Oct.)

Horetsu Jinja no Dakyu is a ritual held at Horetsu Shrine in Yamagata City. It takes place on October 6th, the anniversary of the death of Lord Tadamoto, an ancestor of the Mizuno clan who ruled Yamagata in the Edo period. Six horse riders are divided into two teams – red and white, and each team scoops up balls in their respective colors with a stick which has a net, while on horseback. They then toss the balls into a hole in the goal area. After throwing five balls into the hole, the team which tosses a ball called agedama with a cross mark, into the hole first, is the winner.


Horetsu Jinja, Sakura-cho, Yamagata City, Yamagata

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By Train

Approx. 8 min. walk from JR Yamagata Station.

By Car

From Yamagatazao interchange of the Yamagata Expressway, take National Route 286, head in the direction of JR Yamagata Station for approx. 10 min.

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