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Takahama Hachiman Jinja Shuki Taisai

Takahama Hachiman Jinja Shuki Taisai Nagasaki (Sept.)

Takahama Hachiman Jinja Shuki Taisai is a fall matsuri with a history of over 100 years. Its highlight is the sumo odori dance which is performed as an offering to pray for bumper crop harvests and the health and wellbeing of families. In the matsuri, the men who play the role of sumo wrestlers dance in the ring to jinku folk song. It is said that in the late Edo period, a professional sumo wrestler brought “sumo jinku” song and “sumo odori” dance to his hometown, and it continues to this day. The whole town becomes involved in sumo, with the elementary school age children playing music, and the tradition of sumo lodging continuing.


Takahama Hachiman Jinja, Takahama-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki

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By Bus

Take a No.30 bus bound for Kabashima from Nagasaki Ekimae Minamiguchi (approx. 50 min.) and get off at Takahama Kaisuiyokujo-mae bus stop. Approx. 3 min. walk from there.

By Car

From Nagasaki interchange at the end of Nagasaki Expressway, take National Route 499 and follow the signs for Nomozaki for approx. 40 min.

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