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Misaki Akimatsuri

Misaki Akimatsuri Ehime (Oct.)

Misaki Aki Matsuri has continued since the early Edo period in the Ikata-cho Misaki region. The greatest highlight is the fight between the ushioni cow demon and the yotsudaiko, or four drummers. Itsushika odori (five dancing deer), sumo jinku music, karajishi lion dance and children’s dancing are also performed. On the final day, the fight between the ushioni and the yotsudaiko, who separate into east and west sides, is held. They rise 10m vertically in the air and overlap as they fall. It is said that if the ushioni wins, there will be a large fish haul, and if the yotsudaiko wins, there will be bumper crop harvests.


Misaki Hachiman Jinja / Misakiko environs, Misaki, Ikata-cho, Nishiuwa-gun, Ehime

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By Train

From JR Matsuyama station drive approx. 2 hr. heading for Hachiman-hama.

By Car

Approx. 1 hr. from the Osu interchange on the Matsuyama Expressway.

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