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Kui Inari Jinja Hadaka Matsuri

Kui Inari Jinja Hadaka Matsuri Hiroshima (Feb.)

Kui Inari Jinja Hadaka Matsuri is in its 100th year. It was started to pray for good health. Men, dressed in cloths around their waists and tabi socks, jump into Mitsugi River to purify themselves, then run up to the shrine to the chant of “wasshoi wasshoi”. They then fight for the two sacred yin and yang fukugi (happiness trees) which are thrown down in this soul-stirring matsuri. The steam which rises from the water poured on them when they are fighting creates a spectacular sight.


Kui Inari Jinja, Kui-cho Egi, Mihara City, Hiroshima

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By Train

From JR Mihara station take the bus bound for Kozan for approx. 30 min. Get off at Koritsu Kui Shinryojo-mae, and walk for approx. 5 min. <.p>

By Car

From Mihara-Kui interchange of the Sanyo Expressway, head in the direction of Tojo, Kui for approx. 15 min.

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Kui Inari Jinja Hadaka Matsuri
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