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Iko Osuwa-sama

Iko Osuwa-sama Fukushima (July)

Iko Osuwa-sama has continued for over 100 years in the Iko/Furujuku region of Hanawa-machi, Fukushima Prefecture. It is an odd matsuri in which people pray for good health. The young people purify their bodies in the temporary resting place of the deity in the local Suwa Shrine, and run around most of the 120 households in the area with their shoes on, leaving footprints. It is said that the place where the young people run and make dirty is the place where the deity has passed through, and leaving it as-is overnight will bring benefits.


Suwa Jinja, Iko/Furujuku, Hanawa-machi, Higashishirakawa-gun, Fukushima

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By Train

Get off at Iwaki-Hanawa station, JR Suigun line and take a taxi for approx. 10 min.
Get off at Iwaki-Ishii station, JR Suigun line and take a taxi for approx. 10 min.

By Car

From Naka interchange on the Joban Expressway, take National Route 118 or 349 in the direction of Koriyama for approx. 70 min.
From Shirakawa interchange on the Tohoku Expressway, take National Route 289 and National Route 118 in the direction of Mito for approx. 45 min.

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