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Horowasan Shimotsuki Kagura

Horowasan Shimotsuki Kagura Akita (Nov.)

Horowasan Shimotsuki Kagura is said to have a history of approximately 1,200 years. It is held from the night of November 7th to the following morning. The event takes the form of “yoriai kagura”, in which shrine priests and shrine maidens from neighboring villages gather, and during the night 33 kagura rituals are performed. Bamboo grass is soaked in hot water and used for purification with each ritual. People give thanks for the harvest of the year and pray for bumper harvests in the coming year. (It is a nationally designated intangible folk cultural property.)


Satomiya, Horowasan Haushiwake Jinja, Kinonezaka, Yazawagi Aza, Omori-machi, Yokote City, Akita

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By Train

Approx. 30 min. by taxi from JR Omagari station, via National Route 105 and prefectural Route 265.

Approx. 30 min. by taxi from JR Yokote station, via prefectural Route 29.

By Car

Approx. 30 min. from the Omagari interchange on the Akita Expressway.

Approx. 40 min. from the Yokote interchange on the Akita Expressway.

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Horowasan Shimotsuki Kagura
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