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Hiwasa Hachiman Jinja Shuki Reitaisai

Hiwasa Hachiman Jinja Shuki Reitaisai Tokushima (Oct.)

Hiwasa Hachiman Jinja Shuki Reitaisai is a fall matsuri with a long history. It is held to give thanks for bumper fish hauls and harvests. Since the Edo period, drum floats called “Chosa” have been made, and on the day of the matsuri eight of them are paraded vigorously around the town. The floats carry four drummers and weigh approximately one ton. They are carried by around 50 people, and at the climax are roughly taken into the sea. As 2018 marks the 700th anniversary of the founding of the shrine, excitement is growing more and more around the matsuri.

See here for the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) matsuri page.


Hiwasa Hachiman Jinja, Hiwasa-ura, Minami-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima

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By Train

Get off at Hiwasa station, JR Mugi line, and walk for approx. 15 min.

By Car

From Tokushima interchange on the Tokushima Expressway, take National Route 11 and National Route 55 for approx. 70 min.

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