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Hamasaki Gionsai

Hamasaki Gionsai Saga (July)

In the Hamasaki Gionsai, three giant yama (floats) with a height of 15 m and weighing 5 t are pulled around the town by men in wrestling belts to the sound of Gion bayashi music. The floats are adorned with magnificent picture scrolls of battles. People pray for large fish hauls, bumper crop harvests, and prosperity in business. At night, the floats are lit by lanterns and light bulbs, which creates an even more spectacular sight. In the "Omagiri", the floats repeatedly circle the grounds of Suwa Shrine, and the matsuri reaches its climax.


Suga Jinja, Suwa Jinja-nai, Hamasaki, Hamatama-machi, Karatsu City, Saga

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By Train

Walk for approx. 5 min. from Hamasaki station, JR Chikuhi line.

By Car

Approx. 5 min. from Hamatama interchange on the Nishi-Kyushu Expressway.

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