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Sapporo Matsuri (Hokkaido Jingu Reisai)

Sapporo Matsuri (Hokkaido Jingu Reisai) Hokkaido (June)

Hokkaido Jingu Reisai, known as Sapporo Matsuri, began in Hokkaido's frontier period, when the citizens wanted to welcome the deity to their town. The highlight of the matsuri is the parade of shrine priests and citizens and the procession of four mikoshi (shrine float) and nine floats through the center of the city. The floats are decorated with figures of Prince Yamato Takeru, Emperor Jimmu and Shima Yoshitake, who was involved in the establishment of Sapporo. It can be said to be a matsuri in which the cultures from different areas of the country that gathered in Sapporo blend together.


Hokkaido Jingu, Sapporo City, Hokkaido

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By Train

Get off at JR Sapporo station, take the Namboku subway line to Odori station, then the Tozai subway line to Maruyama Koen station. Approx. 15 min. walk.

Approx. 15 min. by taxi from JR Sapporo station.

By Car

Take the Shinkawa interchange of the Sasson Expressway, heading for Miyanomori.

Take the Sapporo-nishi interchange of the Sasson Expressway, heading for Miyanomori.

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Sapporo Matsuri (Hokkaido Jingu Reisai)
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