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Onomichi Gion Matsuri, Santai Mawashi

Onomichi Gion Matsuri, Santai Mawashi Hiroshima (June)

Onomichi Gion Matsuri is the annual matsuri of Kubo Yasaka Shrine, and is one of Onomichi's three major matsuri. Mikoshi, which contain the deities and are from three areas of the city, parade around each town before gathering at the Tsuchido ferry landing platform. Each group races around the banner of Yasaka Shrine, which is called the "banner of the gods" in a time trial (preliminary stage), and then all three groups race around it together. Finally, the three groups move around the banner in a unique tradition called Santai mawashi, which has continued since the Edo period.


Tuchido Watashiba, Yasaka Jinja, Kubo, Onomichi City, Hiroshima

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By Train

Get off at JR Onomichi station. Approx. 10 min. walk.

By Car

Approx. 15 min. from the Fukuyama-nishi interchange of the Sanyo Expressway.

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Onomichi Gion Matsuri, Santai Mawashi
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