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Kanekobara no Mushiokuri Odori

Kanekobara no Mushiokuri Odori Shimane (July)

Kanekobara no Mushiokuri Odori is a traditional ritual held to pray for bumper crop harvests. It has been performed in the settlement of Kanekobara for over 200 years. In the ritual, men wearing flower hats and yukata with red cords have drums tied to their waists. The event also features a horse-shaped figure made of straw. The men perform one of Japan's few remaining old style traditions of song and dance as they walk around the rice fields, summoning harmful insects from the crops. In order to send the insects to the edge of the village, they walk around the town and set the straw figures adrift in the river. It is designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Shimane Prefecture.


Mihoryo Jinja, Yakami, Ohnan-cho, Ohchi-gun, Shimane

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By Bus

Take the Hamada Expressway Kosoku Bus bound for Hamada from Hiroshima Station bus stop, and after approx. 1 hr 45 min. get off at Mizuho Interchange bus stop. Then from Mizuho Interchange bus stop take an Ohnan Bus bound for Ohnan-cho Yakuba and after approx. 15 min. get off at Kanekobara bus stop.

By Car

Approx. 15 min. from the Mizuho interchange of the Hamada Expressway, via Prefectural Route 327.

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Kanekobara no Mushiokuri Odori
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