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Funa Ichi

Funa Ichi Saga (Jan.)

Funa Ichi has continued in this region for 350 years. It is a market which sells "funa", a kind of fish which is a celebratory food traditionally eaten at New Year. Every year on January 19th, a market selling live funa is opened on the street lined with sake breweries, and it is packed with people from the early morning. The people wrap the funa in kombu seaweed, and simmer them for a whole day and night, to make the traditional local dish of Funankogui. On the twentieth day of the first month, which marks the end of New Year celebrations, the food is offered to the deity Ebisu or eaten by families, and people pray for prosperity in business.


Hizenhamajuku, Hama-machi, Kashima City, Saga

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By Train

Get off at JR Hizen-Hama station. Approx. 10 min. walk.

By Car

Approx. 30 min. from the Takeo-Kitagata interchange of the Nagasaki Expressway.

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Funa Ichi
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