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Takahama Omanto Matsuri

Takahama Omanto Matsuri Aichi (Oct.)

Takahama Omanto Matsuri has a history of over 200 years. From early in the morning, around 1,000 young people wearing happi coats and tabi shoes parade for around 2km through the streets from the Tado area to the Kasuga area of Takahama, led by a sacred horse. When the procession arrives at Kasuga Shrine, people bravely jump at and run past the stampeding horse in a specially prepared ring surrounded by logs.


Kasuga Jinja - Yatsurugisha, Kasuga-cho, Takahama City, Aichi

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By Train

Get off at Chiryu station on the Nagoya Railroad Nagoya Main line, change to the Mikawa line and get off at Mikawa Takahama. Approx. 10 min. walk.

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Takahama Omanto Matsuri
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