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Kajiki Kumo Gassen

Kajiki Kumo Gassen Kagoshima (June)

Kajiki Kumo Gassen is a spider-fighting event with a history of over 400 years. It is said that the Warring States military commander Shimazu Yoshihiro, who participated in the late 16th century Japanese invasions of Korea, began the contest to boost the morale of his troops. In addition to the fighting, there is also a contest for the best spider in terms of color and beauty. In 1996, it was selected by the country as one of the “folk materials that are intangible and that require measures such as recording.”


Kajiki Fukushi Center, Aira City, Kagoshima

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By Train

Get off at Kajiki station on the JR Nippo Main line. Approx. 7 min. walk west.

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Kajiki Kumo Gassen
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