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Akasaki Jinja Reisai

Akasaki Jinja Reisai Yamaguchi (Sept.)

Akasaki Jinja Reisai is a matsuri in which dances are offered to give thanks for divine blessings, and to pray for bumper crop harvests. Around 400 years ago, cattle and horses were struck down by a plague. It ended when the people prayed to the god of agriculture and livestock enshrined at Akasaki Shrine. They offered a dance to give thanks to the deity, and the matsuri began. Since then, Shiki Sanbaso, Gaku Odori and Yumoto Nanjo Odori dances have been performed. It is a nationally designated Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property.


Akasaki Jinja, Higashifukawa, Nagato City, Yamaguchi

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By Train

Approx. 5 min. by car from Nagatoshi station on the JR Sanin Main line and the JR Mine line, and then approx. a 20 min. walk.

By Car

Approx. 30 min. along National Route 316 from the Mine interchange of the Sanyo Expressway.

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Akasaki Jinja Reisai
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