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Tsukinowa Jinji

Tsukinowa Jinji Shimane (Aug.)

In the Tsukinowa Jinji ritual, a spectacular procession of performers playing flutes and drums is led through the streets by a float with a halberd. The ritual has its origins in the legend of Himezaki, a story which appears in the ancient text Izumo no Kuni Fudoki. In order to appease the spirit of his daughter who was killed by a shark, a man stabbed the shark with a halberd, and danced for four days. The stabbed shark is said to have resembled the shape of a crescent moon, hence the name Tsukinowa.


Yasugi-cho, Yasugi city, Shimane

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By Train

Approx. 10 min walk from Yasugi station on the JR Sanin main line

By Car

Exit Sanindo at the Sanindo Yasugi interchange, and take the route to go to Yasugi civic gymnasium (approx. 5 min.)

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Tsukinowa Jinji
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