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Tachibana no Kenka Danjiri

Tachibana no Kenka Danjiri Tokushima (Oct.)

Tachibana no Kenka Danjiri is the annual grand matsuri of Kaisho Hachiman Shrine. The decorative danjiri (floats) clash forcefully in this historic ritual held to pray for the safety of boats and for large fishing hauls. The clashing of the floats started around 1950, and is said to be performed as an alternative to participants arguing with each other at the matsuri.


Around Otabisho, Kaisho Hachiman Jinja, Tachibana-cho, Anan city, Tokushima

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By Train

From JR Shikoku Awa-Tachibana station, take the Tokushima bus at Tachibana-Ekimae bus stop for the Tachibana-Nishi route (approx. 10 min.). Get off at the final stop, and walk approx. 3 min.

By Bus

From Tokushima station, take the Tachibana-nishi route bus (approx. 1hr. 10 min.). Get off at the final stop, and walk approx. 3 min.

By Car

From Naruto interchange, take National Route 11, then National Route 55 (approx. 1 hr. 20 min.), then walk from Nakaura-Koen (or, Takono-Koen) parking (approx. 5 min.)

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Tachibana no Kenka Danjiri
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