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Shimoda Hachiman Jinja Reitaisai

Shimoda Hachiman Jinja Reitaisai Shizuoka (Aug.)

In the Shimoda Hachiman Jinja Reitaisai, gubu dogu (decorated floats on wooden frames with carrying poles), mikoshi (shrine floats) and platforms featuring dynamic drumming leave Shimoda Hachiman Shrine and parade through the streets. In the afternoon, the drum floats are decorated with dolls, and in the evening, are adorned with lanterns. The highlight of the parade is the taiko bashi formed by the gubu dogu. The 11 gubu dogu are tied with a rope to create an arched bridge, which is lifted into the air by young adults in their twenties and thirties. This exhilarating spectacle thrills the participants and onlookers alike.


Shimoda Hachimanjinja, Shimoda city, Shizuoka

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By Train

Approx. 5 min walk from Shimoda station on the Izukyu line

By Car

Exit Shin-Tomei Expressway at Nagaizumi-Numazu interchange onto National Route 136, then National Route 414 (approx. 100 min.)

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Shimoda Hachiman Jinja Reitaisai
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