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Shikinen Torii Gihikisai

Shikinen Torii Gihikisai Chiba (Aug.)

Shikinen Torii Gihikisai is held at Amatsu Shinmeigu Shrine, which is also known as Boshu Ise no Miya. It is a ritual for the reconstruction of torii (shrine gate). Held once every 20 years, it follows the rebuilding schedule of Ise Grand Shrine. In the Torii Hiki Jinji ritual, which is held at the end of August, the sacred tree from which the torii is made is paraded around Amatsu area for three days, before being taken to Amatsu Shinmeigu Shrine. On October 15th, the day before the shrine’s annual ritual, a ceremony in which the torii is passed through for the first time is held. The many rituals form a grand event, which lasts for about a year.


Chinza / Amatsu Shinmeigu / Suga Jinja, Amatsu, Kamogawa city, Chiba

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By Train

From Awa-Kominato station on the JR Sotobo line, take the Kamogawa route bus, and get off at Shinmei-jinja bus stop (approx. 5 min.) then walk approx. 3 min., or take a taxi from Awa-Kominato station (approx. 5 min.)

By Car

Exit Tateyama Expressway at the Kimitsu interchange, and take the Boso Skyline, then Kamogawa toll road, then National Route 128 in the Katsuura direction (approx. 1 hr.)

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Shikinen Torii Gihikisai
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