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Shikaumi Jinja Gojinkosai

Shikaumi Jinja Gojinkosai Fukuoka (Oct.)

Shika Island has long been an important stopover point between Japan and the continent. The golden block seal, a National Treasure, was discovered on this small island which appears in the Nihon Shoki (chronicles of Japan), and the Kojiki (records of ancient matters). In ancient times, the seafaring Azumi people traveled from here to the Sea of Japan, sailed up a river, and created Azumino in Shinshu (Nagano Prefecture). Shikaumi Shrine is dedicated to the sea god, Watatsumi, who is the ancestral deity of the Azumi people. The shrine priest is a descendant of the Azumi clan. Held every other year, Gojinkosai is an evening ritual, and is an Intangible Cultural Property designated by Fukuoka Prefecture. The traditional dance is a realization of the connection between the ancient ceremony and performing arts, and as such, is said to be historical important in the field of entertainment.


Shikaumi Jinja / Tongu, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka

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By Train

Take the Nishitetsu bus from JR Saitozaki station. Get off at Shikanoshima bus stop (11 min.), then walk 10 min.

By Bus

Take the Nishitetsu bus from Tenjin-Yubinkyoku-Mae bus stop, get off at Shikanoshima bus stop (70 min.), then walk approx. 10 min.

By Ferry

33 min. from Bayside Place by ferry. Get off at Shikanoshima port, then walk 10 min.

By Car

20 min. from Kashiihama interchange on Fukuoka Urban Expressway

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Shikaumi Jinja Gojinkosai
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