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Okitsu Hachimangu Shuki Taisai

Okitsu Hachimangu Shuki Taisai Kochi (Oct.)

Okitsu Hachimangu Shuki Taisai is a matsuri in which the fortune for the year’s fish haul and crop harvest is told. It has a history of over 400 years. Gratitude is shown to the deity, and people pray for the health of the local shrine parishioners, bumper crop harvests and large fish hauls. The highlight is the thrilling fight between the miyabune (shrine boat) and the mikoshi (shrine float). Fishermen carry the miyabune, and if it hits the mikoshi, it is said there will be a bumper fish haul. If the mikoshi carried by farmers can escape, there will be a bumper crop harvest. It is designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Kochi Prefecture.


Okitsu Hachimangu, Okitsu, Shimanto-cho, Kochi

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By Train

From Kubokawa station on the JR Dosan line, take the Okitsu route of the Konan bus. Get off at Seishonen-Ryoko-Mura bus stop (approx. 35 min.) and walk 5 min.

By Car

Turn right at Shimanto-Cho-Chuo, the terminal point of Kochi Expressway, then drive approx. 1 km. Turn right at the traffic lights heading for Okitsu, then drive approx. 30 min. Car parking at Okitsu Kaisui Yokujo is available

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Okitsu Hachimangu Shuki Taisai
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