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Ohoshi Matsuri

Ohoshi Matsuri Kumamoto (Oct.)

In the Ohoshi Matsuri, the enshrined deity is taken in a mikoshi (shrine float) each year to one of the 12 areas surrounding Tsumori Jingu Shrine. Another unique characteristic is the handling of the mikoshi. The local people treat it roughly, dropping it on the ground and rolling it around. The ceremony is held to give thanks to the deity Kojin for protecting the area for a year, and also to express reluctance at having to part.


Babagusu-ku - Magate-ku, Kikuyo-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto

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By Car

5 min. from Kumamoto Airport

By Train

10 min. by taxi from Haramizu station on the JR Hohi line

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Ohoshi Matsuri
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