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Izaku Taiko Odori

Izaku Taiko Odori Kagoshima (Aug.)

Izaku Taiko Odori is a dance ritual held every year on August 28th. The dance preservation societies of each of the six areas of Fukiage take it in turns to offer their dance to the deity of Minamikata Shrine. They then perform for the locals in 40 different places. The dance is said to have been devised in 1406, when Hisayoshi, the 4th lord of the Izaku Shimazu clan forced the surrender of Nikaido Yukisada. It has been passed down as a victory dance, as the deep resonant sounds of the taiko drums and the banners in the shape of war-fans bring to mind samurai warriors on a battle field.


Minamikata Jinja, Fukiage-cho, Hioki city, Kagoshima

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By Bus

From Kagoshima Chuo station, take the Kagoshima Kotsu bus Izaku/Kaseda route (approx. 1 hr.), then get off at Fumoto bus stop, then walk approx. 10 min.

By Car

Exit Ibusuki toll road at the Taniyama interchange, then take prefectural Route 20, then prefectural Route 22 (approx. 30 min.)

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Izaku Taiko Odori
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