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Itosaki "Hotokenomai"

Itosaki "Hotokenomai" Fukui (Apr.)

Itosaki "Hotokenomai" is a feast of dance and music. It began over 1,200 years ago at Itosakiji Temple and is held once every two years. Dancers wearing gold masks dedicate a dance to the deity on a stage in front of the Kannon-do Hall, in which Buddha is enshrined. According to legend, the event started when a statue of Senju Kannon (thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy) was enshrined in the Kannon-do Hall, and a large number of Bodhisattvas danced with joy. It is a nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. (Please note that although the registered name of the nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property is Itosaki no Hotokenomai, for DyDo MATSURI of Japan, we use the name Itosaki "Hotokenomai").


Ikuozan Ryugein Itosakiji Kan-non do Ishibutai, Itosaki-cho, Fukui City, Fukui

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By Train

From JR Fukui station, take the Keifuku Ayukawa-Konyu-route bus, and get off at Matsukage bus stop (approx. 40 min.). Walk approx. 15 min. You will see the sign on arrival

By Taxi

Approx. 30 min. from JR Fukui station. Please tell the taxi driver "Takasu no Itosaki-cho." You will see the sign on arrival

By Car

From the Kansai region, exit the Hokuriku Expressway at the Fukui interchange, or from the Toyama region, exit at the Fukui-kita interchange. Take National Route 305 into Itosaki-cho (approx. 40-50 min.). Look for "Tenman shrine (Itosaki-cho)" on the navigation system. A few parking lots available

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Itosaki "Hotokenomai"
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