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Hassaku Matsuri (Furusato Jidai Matsuri)

Hassaku Matsuri (Furusato Jidai Matsuri) Yamanashi (Sep.2015)

Hassaku Matsuri is held at Oide Shrine every year on September 1st.
In the Furusato Jidai Matsuri, an accompanying matsuri held as entertainment, a daimyo procession winds its way through the streets.
Participants dressed as samurai retainers, and those playing the role of the princess and the feudal lord bring to life scenes reminiscent of historical picture scrolls.There is also a parade of floats with ornate hangings, the designs of which were sketched by artists such as Katsushika Hokusai, and a sacred dance called Yokkaichiba Kagura.


[Hassaku Matsuri]
Oide Jinja, Yokka Ichiba, Tsuru city, Yamanashi

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[Furusato Jidai Matsuri]
around Yamura Daiichi Shogakko, Kamiya, Tsuru city, Yamanashi

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By Train

Approx. 15 min. from JR Otsuki station, change to Fuji Kyuko line, and get off at Tanimura-cho station

By Car

Exit Chuo Expressway at Tsuru interchange, then take prefectural Route 40 (approx. 2 min.)
*Please use public transportation, as the number of car parks is limited.

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Hassaku Matsuri (Furusato Jidai Matsuri)
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