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Ashinoshiri Dosojin Matsuri

Ashinoshiri Dosojin Matsuri Nagano (Jan.)

In the Ashinoshiri Dosojin Matsuri, a stone monument 1.5 meters in height is decorated with sacred rope to create a mysterious, god-like face. This stone statue becomes the guardian deity of the village for the year. It is derived from the tradition of creating the face of a deity with straw from the villagers’ New Year pine decorations, to pray for good health. It is also called Shinmen Soshoku Dosojin Matsuri. The statue of the deity's face famously appeared in the opening ceremony of the Nagano Winter Olympics.


Ashinoshiri Village, Ooka,Nagano City, Nagano

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By Train/Bus

From JR Shinonoi station, take the Ooka Shinonoi route bus from Shinonoi-eki bus stop, get off at Ooka shisho-mae bus stop (approx. 1 hr). Approx. 40 min. walk, or 10 min. taxi ride from the bus stop

By Car

From Nagano Expressway exit Omi interchange onto prefectural Route 12 (approx. 30 min.)

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Ashinoshiri Dosojin Matsuri
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