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Tonbansan Nagasaki (Apr.)

Tonbansan is the spring matsuri of Kotohira Shrine, which is dedicated to the god of safety at sea and large fish hauls. It is known by the name Tonbansan because long ago in the area, there used to be a “Tomibansho”, a lookout for monitoring the coming and going of ships. A procession is held in which the mikoshi (shrine float) is taken from the shrine to the otabisho, a temporary resting place. With faces painted white and covered with drawings of the gifts of the mountains and the sea, the participants have a humorous appearance, and their parade signals the arrival of spring.


Kotohira Jinja, Setokashinourago, Oseto-cho, Saikai City, Nagasaki

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By Bus

Take a Nagasaki Bus from JR Nagasaki station approx. 40 min. to Sakuranosato terminal. Transfer to a Saikai-Kotsu bus bound for Itanoura and alight at Kashinoura bus stop after approx. 50 min.

By Ferry

Walk approx. 10 min. from JR Sasebo station to the Sasebo Port terminal. Take the Segawakisen ferry approx. 15 min. to Yokose-nishi Port, then a Saikai-Kotsu bus from Yokose bus stop bound for Itanoura approx. 60 min. and alight at Kashinoura.

By Car

Exit the Saikai Pearl line at the Okushi interchange and drive approx. 20 min. heading for Oseto-cho, Kashinourago.

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