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The 67th Shiogama Minato Matsuri

The 67th Shiogama Minato Matsuri Miyagi (July)

In the 67th Shiogama Minato Matsuri, two mikoshi (shrine floats) from Shiwahiko Shrine and Shiogama Shrine are placed in special boats called Ryuhomaru and Hoomaru, and are transferred across Matsushima Bay, one of Japan’s three most famous scenic spots. It is one of the main sea matsuri in Japan, and is counted as one of Japan’s three largest boat matsuri. The sight of the boats, accompanied by a fleet of around 100 smaller vessels is reminiscent of a Heian period picture scroll. Held on Marine Day in July, it heralds the start of summer matsuri in the Tohoku region.


Shiogama City, Miyagi

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By Train

Approx. 20 min. from JR Sendai station to JR Hon-Shiogama station. An approx. 10 min. walk.

By Car

Approx. 10 min. from Sendaiko-kita interchange on the Sanriku Expressway.

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The 67th Shiogama Minato Matsuri
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