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Sata no Misaki Matsuri

Sata no Misaki Matsuri Kagoshima (Feb.)

In the Sata no Misaki Matsuri, the younger sister goddess from Misaki Shrine located on Cape Sata, the southernmost point of mainland Japan, travels 20 km to Chikatsunomiya Shrine in the Kori area once a year, to conduct New Year greetings with the older sister goddess. The goddess is transferred to a plant called Misakishiba, and is taken in a mikoshi (shrine float) through seven villages along the sea. The goddess is welcomed at each village with a unique hospitality passed down for 1300 years. The villagers pray for good relationships, bumper crop harvests, large fish hauls and good health.


Sata chiku, Minamiosumi-cho, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima

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By Train

Take the train from JR Kagoshimachuo station about 60 min. and alight at Yamakawa station. From the Yamagawa Port terminal take the Nankyu Ferry to Nejime (about 50 min.) About 60 min. by taxi from Nejime Port terminal.

By Car

Exit the Kyushu Expressway at Kagoshima interchange. The Kamoike Ferry terminal is about a 20 min. drive from there. Take the ferry to the Tarumizu Ferry terminal about 40 min. About a 1 hr. 30 min. drive from there.

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Sata no Misaki Matsuri
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