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Fujinomori Matsuri Kakeuma Shinji

Fujinomori Matsuri Kakeuma Shinji Kyoto (May)

Fujinomori Matsuri Kakeuma Shinji is held every year at Fujinomori Shrine on May 5th. Parishioners rush around the horse riding ground performing a range of stunts on horseback, including writing while the horse gallops, and riding upside down. It is said to have started in 781 as a show of strength when Prince Sawara was sent to conquer Mutsu. It is a traditional ritual, with a history of 1200 years. In the Muromachi and Edo periods it was performed and preserved by military officers and experts in horsemanship. From the Meiji period, it has been performed by parishioners. It is designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Kyoto City.


Sandobaba, Fujinomori Jinja, Fukakusatoriizaki-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

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By Train

From JR Kyoto station go approx. 10 min. to JR-Fujinomori station. An approx. 5 min. walk.
From Shichijo station on the Keihan Electric Railway go approx. 10 min. and alight at Sumizome station. An approx. 5 min. walk.

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Fujinomori Matsuri Kakeuma Shinji
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