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DyDo DRINCO supports Japanese MATSURI.



ダイドードリンコ 日本の祭り

Japanese MATSURI are traditional rituals in which we give thanks to nature and our forebears for the wholesome lives we are able to lead.
Since ancient times, the Japanese have held feelings of gratitude and reverence toward their ancestors and the natural world.
MATSURI include religious rituals, sacred performing arts, such as Kagura, dance and Kabuki, regional customs, and festivities which revitalize the local communities.
In Japan, there are said to be 600,000 MATSURI of various kinds held every year. Such a vast number and rich diversity can be found nowhere else in the world.

With a raw energy that connects people and regions to one another, MATSURI transcend age, gender, position and other divisions. As you dance, you return to your true, natural, instinctive self.

An ancient cultural tradition of Japan, the MATSURI is perhaps the only one in which everyone, from the organizers to the participants and onlookers, unite and become absorbed in the experience. Maybe this is what Japan needs right now - the power of the MATSURI, overflowing with mysterious life force, a sense of unity, a bond between people’s hearts, and pure excitement.

Since 2003, based on our corporate attitude of “Dynamic Do”, DyDo DRINCO has continued to support the diligent efforts of people across Japan in keeping their local traditions alive.
Creating bonds in regional communities, and helping to revitalize the whole country through Japanese MATSURI.
Transmitting Japan’s folk culture to future generations through images.
Enhancing its value.
Showing the world its splendor. Wanting people from around the world to come to Japan and experience Japanese MATSURI for themselves.
With these aims, we have covered a total of 448 MATSURI, and 2019 marks the 17th year of our activities.
We are supporting another 35 MATSURI across the country in 2019 through a variety of media, including TV broadcasts, websites, newspapers and magazines.